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Many people who lose weight find that although they are much slimmer now, they are not really in shape and have a new problem of loose skin after weight loss.

Common complaints are loose neck skin, loose upper arm skin, and loose skin around the belly. This can be quite a major problem, and one that is rather discouraging.

It is however possible to get rid of this loose skin, although it may take some time. As with many other problems with our health and our bodies, prevention is better than cure — if you lose weight in an appropriate manner, you are unlikely to have much of a problem with lose skin to begin with. Although this loose skin is certainly not a permanent problem, it will take a long time for your skin to return to normal.

The problem begins with the weight gain itself — the skin, which has great natural elasticity, stretches to accommodate the large amount of body fat that has accumulated. The second mistake many people make is to begin a rigorous weight loss program, usually relying primarily on a very restrictive diet. This results in a sudden, drastic weight loss, and after several years of being stretched, the skin is unable to return to its natural state quickly enough. Part of the problem is also that there is still some fat remaining under the skin — while this is not enough fat to keep the skin stretched, it does add some flabbiness to the loose skin, making it look worse. Finally, there is the problem of there not being enough muscle to keep the skin taut. This is often a problem with drastic crash diets – if your weight loss program has consisted almost solely of severely restricting your food intake, you will not have developed any muscle in the process of losing weight, thus leaving your skin hanging loose.

How to Tighten Loose Skin & Get Rid of Stretch Marks?

Tightening loose skin mainly requires you to lose more fat and build more muscle. Start exercising regularly, and if your diet is a severe one, switch to a more practical and healthy diet. This would be a low fat diet with a good balance of lean meat (protein to build muscle), whole grain (carbohydrates for fuel), and fruits and vegetables (fiber, minerals and vitamins). It may take a while to tighten loose skin, but it will eventually happen as your skin modifies itself according to your new body shape.

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