How to Overcome Jealousy?


The jealousy we often encounter in today’s relationships is not as innocent as it might seem. It can be seen that too much jealousy can be overwhelming and even destructive in relationships.
Everyone has a little bit of jealousy, but when this feeling is experienced intense, the person can harm both himself and his partner. Jealous people restrict their freedom by interfering with the life of the other person and create an unhappy relationship.

Deal with jealousy

How Does occur Jealousy?
It is possible that we can say that the root cause of jealousy is a lack of self-esteem. However, there are many reasons such as fear of loss, infidelity, insecurity, and a feeling of not being able to share. The higher the self-confidence of the person, the less jealousy. Here are some solutions to help overcome this feeling:

1. Raise the Problem
If there is any person or any issue that disturbs you, the best move that can be made at this stage is to communicate. The other party may not have noticed this situation or may not be able to understand your behavior. Once you’ve decided that your partner is the main reason for your jealousy, talking to him for a solution is a useful method.
2. Trust Yourself
When trust, which is the building block of a relationship, is lacking, it becomes very difficult for that relationship to work. Not being confident does not only hurt the individual. It suffocates the other party with doubts and loses its trust in him. In this case, you will need to identify your weak spots and address them.
3. Make Time For Yourself
If your only focus in your life is the relationship you are in, you won’t be able to think of anything else. If you ignore your own efforts and focus only on that person, it will be inevitable that you will find a move that you suspect. Find different activities that make you happy and feel good and spend more time for yourself.
4. Wrap Your Wounds
Your resentment from the past may be driving you into jealousy. When starting a new relationship, it is necessary to put aside the bad situations of the past. People who previously hurt you in some way or broke your trust are left behind. By moving them to the present, the only thing you can do is ruin the present. Don’t let your past affect new beginnings in your life.
5.Stay Vulnerable
First of all, calm down. Taking immediate action will not gain you anything, and it will even cause you to get up in anger and sit down with harm. Regardless of how intense the jealousy is, one has to restrain oneself. Accept this feeling and see to overcome it. Otherwise, when you take action, you can unwittingly reduce the emotions of the other party and drive them away from you. This results in damaging your relationship.
6.Give Your Time
Give yourself time to evaluate this mood. Jealousy is an emotion that can decrease over time. You cannot feel the same the day after what you feel today. As soon as you realize that you are jealous, give yourself a reflection time to reduce it. So you will find that this is a manageable feeling.

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