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The eyes are the doorway to the person’s inner soul.

The eyes are that which makes another person wallow in the transient and amazing feeling called love. The eyes also tell a lot about the person at first glance. Eye shadow is a cosmetic product applied on the eyelids to add a hint of mystery and depth to a person’s eyes. In this superficial world, appearance really matters.

There are a lot of aspects that this cosmetic wishes to laud. The use of eye shadow is to draw attention to a person’s eyes and in turn complement the existing eye color by using a certain eye shadow hue. This cosmetic primarily comes in powder form; however, current trends have made revolutionary changes even in the field of cosmetics. A liquid or mousse form of this product already exists.

For years, genera, and centuries, man has seen the special importance of the eyes and how complementing it brings about a lot of change. Choosing the right color and the right intensity of application is key. These so-called melodramatics walk around town in their blotchy application of eye shadow.

But I guess you don’t want to be mistaken as a Goth when you head downtown, right? So the best way to apply eye shadow is to choose the right color that will call the attention and make other people’s eye head to your eyes. The right blending of eye shadow is also key so that you won’t look plastic and fake. Imagine walking in the alleys of the city with all eyes on your eyes, sounds good right?

Another eye shadow is in remembering never to cover the brow bone that you have. Although it is good to let the shadow reach a bit higher, it shouldn’t touch the bone. Another reminder is to put primers before putting the actual shadow, with this you can be sure that your shadow will be in place for a significantly long time. There’s also one very important reminder: when you put eye shadow, make sure that you put it evenly in both eyes. You don’t want to have an unpaired set of eyes with you that would be very embarrassing.

There is a hidden magic behind the power of the eyes. They are like gems place by he jeweler from up above. Like our favorite set of gems, they should be flaunted and not hidden. This is where eye shadow comes into play. With eye shadows, you’re sure that your eyes will be seen and the rest of the world will appreciate your very beautiful gems.

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